Fire Fighting

Fire extinguishers shall be serviced, inspected annually
Check and maintain fire extinguishers shall be completed on a task order basis only.
Annual preventative servicing of fire extinguishers shall include the following tasks.

A-Inspect extinguisher for breaks or dents.
B- Confirm the gauge on the extinguisher is full and working  properly.
C-Verify that the fire extinguisher housing is secure.
D- Complete the certification tag information and secure the tag to the extinguisher.

Fire alarm control panels – Smoke detector –  Break Glass – Exit lights – Hose Reel – Bells – Fire Pump – Emergency Lights.

Fire alarm system (Check – Repair & Replacement if Required)

  • Operation of break glass
  • Operation of smoke detector
  • Battery operation with or without main power supply.
  • Control panel response to alarm condition.

House Reel system (Check – Repair & Replacement if Required)

  • Checking of pipe & Reel system for any damage
  • Water pressure rating ( Discharge Of Water)
  • Checking of response pump ( should start atomically)
  • Physical checking of nozzle manual valves & automatic valves
  • Regular checking for leakage