About Us

Usman Butt Electro Mechanical Services Company established in 2006. We are a leading specialist in manufacturing & installation of Pre-Insulated Duct Systems,G.I. Sheet Ducting Systems, Aluminum Cladding of Ducts and Pipes for HVAC Systems, Complete Design (Calculation of Capacities) and Installation of HVAC Systems, Commissioning and Rehabilitation of Chillers & Package Units, Fabrication of Steel Structures / All types of Fabrication related works, Fabrication, Insulation and Installation of Chilled Water Piping, Annual Maintenance Contracts of HVAC Works, Rewinding of all types A/C Motors, Generators & Transformers.

We have been continually improving and developing our services &products since 2006.

From now on, the welcome Usman Butt Electro Mechanical Servicesis going forward armed with excellent strategies and with new technologies to be a reliable company for customers.