Duct Manufacturing

Mission Statement

It is our goal to make sure of 100% customer satisfaction from initial request for quote, & all the way through the ease of manufacturing & installation of our products in the field

Quality Assurance

Implementing a project and procedures management system that will be utilized on  major projects, in the form of project execution plan. This system will include all aspect of engineering, procurement, cost and schedule, quality assurance, project financial control as well as a comprehensive reporting system.

Management System

Key Factors

Job Estimates, CAD Drawings, Job Scheduling, Job Quality Checks, Etc.

Management systems providing the framework for contract work definition, assignment of work responsibilities and establishment of budget, cost and schedule control. This will also deliver a summary of planned versus actual accomplishment for price, schedule and related technical achievement to provide managers with continuous visibility of performance.

Product Line

  1. G.I. Ducts.
  2. Pre-Insulated Ducts.
  3. S.S. Ducts.
  4. Fire Rated Ducts.