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Mission Statement

It is our goal to make sure of 100% customer satisfaction from initial request for quote, & all the way through the ease of manufacturing & installation of our products in the field

Quality Assurance

Implementing a project and procedures management system that will be utilized on major projects, in the form of project execution plan. This system will include all aspects of engineering, procurement, cost and schedule, quality assurance, project financial control as well as a comprehensive reporting system.


Production Methods
Clad Pipes

  • Longitudinally Welding of Clad Plate
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Seamless Pipe Mill Production Methods
  • Explosive Bonding


Clad Plates

  • Hot Roll Bonding
  • Explosive Bonding
  • Weld overlaying


Clad Bends

  • Manufacturing Of Bends From Clad Pipe
  • Manufacturing Of Bends From Lined Pipe


Clad Fittings

  • Weld Overlaying
  • Hot Isotactic Pressing (HIP)
  • Manufacturing From Clad Plate Or Pipe


Fabricating Clad Vessels

  • Welding Clad Products