Work Quality Standard

Our Quality Standards & Scope of Work

We follow the standards of air tightness required by DW.144

We use suitable materials for the working temperature & pressure of systems within which it is installed and shall be tear resistant.

The materials we use are always in accordance with the manufacturers technical data sheet, material safety data sheet and application method statement.

We always take measures and proofed against Rotting, mould, fungus growth and attack by vermin.

Always consider and take adequate precautions against any hazard to health involved in the use of any cleaner, adhesive or material in connection with the application and handling of insulation material.

Adequate consideration take in using the insulation materials and finishes that shall not produce smoke or toxic fumes when subject to fire (as British Standards). The smoke obscuration rating of insulating materials not greater than 5% in accordance with BS EN ISO 5659-2.

We always follow the strict execution accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations including all seals and adhesive, take care of compatibility of such adhesives with the insulation.

Always take measures (as our quality standards & policy) to clean, dry and free from rust and other foreign matters from all surfaces to be insulated.

Copper pipe work always thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of surplus flux dust and debris.

Special attention given to finished appearance of all insulated areas, and remove any rough, irregular and badly finished surfaces which shall  present a neat and symmetrical appearance with all pipe lay outs.

Particular attention given to maintain the reliability and continuity of vapour barriers.

Measures always taken to ensure the close fitting to all pipe work, and the insulation shall match the outside diameter of pipe work concerned and all joints shall be properly sealed.

Before starting insulation process we always make sure that the electrical trace heating is totally completed and tested and surface to be insulated have been thoroughly cleaned and painted as specified or required.


We always take care the calculation, design and manufacture the true size for reasonable throw and velocity at maximum flow conditions, but with consideration to avoid ”Dumping” at minimum flow conditions.

All Grills & diffusers are always adjusted to the face of register or grill
Take care for detailing air flow registered noise level of air supplies and extract grills and plenum boxes under spigot setup and conditions and at the operational air velocities.


As our quality policy, we always take care the insulation specification provided by the client under “Air Conditioning & Ventilation Specifications”.
We always use insulation materials that shall not omit smoke or toxic fumes in the event of fire.


In our QUALITY Services we Design, Supply, Install, Test, Commission, Adjust, Balance the Chillers, Central Air Conditioning, Ventilation systems etc. for satisfactory performance.

The purpose of the design check is to ensure the material used and the installation is in line with the design & standards intent, for the correct functioning of the installed system(s).

All the materials which we use to install in the project, are always fully in compliance with local authority’s rules & regulations.

Full safety precautions taken during welding & cutting operations, full precautions taken to prevent fire i.e. fully charged 5kg carbon dioxide extinguisher, protect wooden structure with fire proof blanket etc.