Thermometer and Gauges



Thermometers and Gauges.

Each piece of our mechanical equipment is provided with the instrumentation or test ports to verify critical parameters, such as capacity, pressures, temperatures, and flow rates. Following are the general instrumentation requirements:

Thermometers and pressure gauges are used for the suction and discharge of all pumps, chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling coils, heating coils, and cooling towers. To avoid pressure gauge tolerance errors, a single pressure gauge may be installed, valved to sense both supply and return conditions. For coils with less than 10 gpm flow, provisions for use of portable instruments to check temperatures and pressures.

Duct static pressure gauges are used to provided for the central air-handling unit air supply fan discharge, branch take-offs of vertical supply risers and at all duct locations at which static pressure readings are being monitored to control the operation of a VAV system.

Differential static pressure gauges are always be placed across filters in air-handling units and to measure building pressure relative to the outdoors. A temperature gauge is required at the outside air intake to each air-handling unit.

Flow Measuring Devices. Airflow measuring grids are required for all central air-handling units. Measuring grids to be provided at the supply air duct, return air duct, and the outside air duct. Airflow measuring grids must be sized to give accurate readings at minimum flow. It may be necessary to reduce the duct size at the station to permit accurate measurement.

Water flow or energy measuring devices are required for each chilled water refrigeration machine, hot water boiler, pump, and connections to district energy plants. Individual water flow or energy measuring devices are provided for chilled water lines serving computer rooms and chilled water and hot water lines to out leased spaces. Our flow measuring devices are capable of communicating with the central BAS.
Testing Stations. Permanent or temporary testing stations always provided for start up and testing of building systems. Connections shall be designed so temporary testing equipment can be installed and removed without shutting down the system.

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